Stories are one of the best ways to improve your Spanish vocabulary and comprehension.

But why should adults write all the stories? In our podcast episodes, we’ve flipped the script. To help adult learners in their Spanish learning goals, we’ve captured some of the imagination of the most creative authors you’ll find: elementary-school aged kids. Be warned: this will take us to some pretty crazy places!

We’re harnessing all that imagination to help you improve your Spanish in a fun and simple way. Each podcast will help you improve your vocabulary and your understanding of spoken Spanish through listening and comprehension questions. So unleash your inner child, roll up your sleeves, and jump right into the adventures!

Popular Podcast Episodes

The Fruit War

By: Madayn – Age 7 – 1st Grade

The Dog Who Didn’t Know How to Dance

Written by: David

The Drawing That Came to Life

By: John – Age 6 – 1st Grade

The Rainbow Dog

Written by: John

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You can also download the transcripts of each episode as well as bonus extended versions of the podcasts versions including a bilingual version and the podcast story read more slowly for beginners.

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